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The construction industry is plagued by low customer satisfaction stemming from poor communication, lack of cost transparency, and insufficient acknowledgement from contractors of how intrusive and stressful construction can be for homeowners and their families. 


Cezario & Fein Construction was established to eliminate these frustrations through the use of technology, respect, empathy, and a focus on quality, with the goal of creating significantly increased customer satisfaction. 

We recognize that construction and remodeling cause major disruption to the workings of your household. Whether you temporarily relocate to another residence or “live through” the construction, every member of the household is inconvenienced in some way. We go out of our way to make the construction process as palatable and unobtrusive as possible.

An Empathic Approach

  • We communicate with you daily to outline what to expect for the day, minimizing the angst of uncertainty.

  • We plan ahead with you to schedule outages (water, electricity, heat, air conditioning, etc.) to ensure the anticipated “down time” works best for you and your household. 

  • If you have pets or children in your home, we recognize that safety is a primary concern–we work diligently to contain and remove hazardous situations.

Integration of Technology

  • As we work on our projects, we integrate technology to collaborate with clients, interact with subcontractors, and communicate with suppliers. 

  • Every client has access to a shared, secure, online notebook and folder, which allows us to remain organized throughout the construction process. 

  • We provide continuous updates on the progress of your project, and we point out any areas of concern on the day they arise.

Enhanced Communication

  • All conversations are followed with prompt documentation of the issues discussed and the decisions made; we keep a record of everything to assure that there are no miscommunications.

  • All parties are able to view and add notes and photos to the project notebook and folder. 

  • For ease of retrieval, all contracts and any change orders are captured and signed electronically.

  • We respond to emails, texts, and phone calls on the day we receive them.


Commitment to Transparency

  • Invoices, blueprints, and construction records are added to your folder.

  • Notes and photos documenting progress are regularly uploaded throughout the project.

  • The documents in your notebook and folder can be accessed at any time on your phone, tablet, or computer.

What Sets Us Apart

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